HIIT Circuit training

Pilates Zürich
at 14/02/2023 09:30-10:30 o'clock (60 min)
Address: Friedaustrasse 17, 8003 Zürich
Price: from 20.00 CHF


20.00 CHFProbetraining Matte  Introductory offer
20.00 CHFOutdoor  
32.00 CHF1x Matte  
32.00 CHFSingle ticket  
270.00 CHF10x Matte - 3 Monate  
300.00 CHF10x Matte - 6 Monate  
500.00 CHF20x Matte - 6 Monate  
1,070.00 CHFHalbjahresabo Matte & Online Live  
1,500.00 CHFHalbjahresabo Matte & Allegro / Aerial & Online Live  
1,800.00 CHFJahresabo Matte & Online Live  
2,600.00 CHFJahresabo Matte & Allegro / Aerial & Online Live  


This workout gets your heart rate up and strengthens your muscles at the same time. You’ll move quickly through 6-10 exercise stations to work different muscle groups with little to no rest between stations. Each station has a different exercise. There are endless ways to customize, modify, and progress HIIT Circuit training workout to reach ones goals in record time. Strength and endurance exercises are combined with cardio exercises for boosting metabolism and fat burning. HIIT Circuit training targets all muscle groups efficiently and evenly and is a great boredom buster.

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Madara Baltina ° Trainerin

Cancellation conditions

Stornierungen sind online auf Eversport bis zu 12 Stunden vor Beginn möglich.