Mysore Style Ashtanga

at 04/12/2019 07:00-09:00 o'clock (120 min)
Address: 62B Giesshübelstrasse, 8045 Zürich
Price: 25.00 CHF


25.00 CHFSingle ticket  


Polina Elencheva teaches Mysore style on Monday/Wednesday & Friday. This is an external class and can’t be paid with Yogalives class cards/memberships

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Polina Elencheva
Polina believes that teaching is equivalent to inspiring. She is known for her dynamic style and keen eye to detail. Her approach to teaching is engaging and determined. She discovered yoga in her early and turbulent 20’s while she was living in Amsterdam. She had exposure to world's most renowned yoga teachers who were visiting her local shala, including Clive Sheridan and Dharma Mittra. She found in yoga calmness of mind and a feeling of being grounded. Polina discovered Ashtanga in 2015. The concept awakened curiosity and search for depth of knowledge. It was the beginning of a long journey of practice and study and not long afterwards teaching. She believes the Mysore style allows the student to internalize the process and explore within. The silence, the breath, the meditative movement, the personalization of each practice is where the beauty of the method lies. Following a set sequence like in Ashtanga provides a framework, a container within which freedom is found. The long–lived tradition is the map, the tools, and the guidance while teacher is just the facilitator. And it is all an experiment in search of intuitive knowledge of the self. Polina's teachers include David Robson and Jelena Vesic. In 2018 she completed the Primary Intensive and the Assisting School programs at the ashtanga Yoga Center of Toronto. She also studied with Mark Robberds and Deepika Mehta and has benefited from the teachings of Natalia Paisano, Kino McGregor, Ajaj Tokas and Laruga Glaser. In 2019, she spent 6 months studing adjustments as a teacher apprentice in Ashtanga Mysore House under Natalia Paisano.

Cancellation conditions

Stornierungen sind online auf Eversports bis zu 24 Stunden vor Beginn möglich.