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Online Prenatal Yoga

Originally live streamed on
Fri, 11/06/21, 11:30 - 12:30 (60 min)
All levels
Bluebirds Oost
Kasia Pokrop
Available until
11/07/2021 12:30 o'clock
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7.50 €Single ticket
7.50 €Single Online Class
15.00 €5x Recorded Class
30.00 €5x Online Class
45.00 €1 Month Unlimited Online Classes
65.00 €5 Class Card
125.00 €10 Class Card
250.00 €20 Class Card
690.00 €One year unlimited
45.00 € / monthDaluren Membership
69.00 € / monthMonthly Unlimited

About the class

This yoga class is for pregnant women from their 14th week of pregnancy. Are you coming for the first time? Please make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before start of the class. During pregnancy it is important to keep body and mind in balance, in a short time body and mind run through a big transformation. Pregnancy yoga offers support during pregnancy and preparation for birth. The classes consist of exercises that support this process such as gentle but also powerful yoga postures for building strength and flexibility, and meditation, breathing and relaxation exercises to create balance between body and mind, awareness of your body and breathing, relaxation and trust. The classes are designed to support this special transformative period at all levels. During the classes, your confidence in the natural powers of your own body will increase and you will be better prepared for the birth of your child.