Thai Yoga Massage with Erica Bhavani

Starts on Friday, 28/06/2019
Price 275.00 CHF


In this introduction course, Erica Bhavani will explore with us the power of touch and connection while teaching a simple routine that covers the whole body from feet to head. It is an introduction to the main principles of an ancient healing technique, along with it's essential tools of compassionate touch and intuitive listening, from where we begin our thai massage journey.

After this magical weekend,
-> you will take home a print manual from Erica to support you in continuing the practice at home -> you will have a massaging sequence which you can practice on your healthy friends and family -> you will have learned and experienced skills that you can bring into your daily life as well. 
-> you will have explored a deeper connection to yourself and others


No previous experience in massaging is required. This course is great for anyone who would love to be able to give some loving and healing touch to their friends and families or anyone already working with body-based modalities (yoga, dance, massage, etc.) The course will be taught in english with possibility for translation by Fabienne


《Thai Yoga Massage》 Thai massage is an ancient healing practice used to release energetic blocks and bring balance to the body, heart and mind. Rooted in Yoga and Buddhism, it combines passive stretching and deep compression, supported by mindfull presence and intention. It is a magical journey of transformation for both the receiver and the giver.

《Erica Bhavani》 Erica has been practicing yoga, spirituality and healing modalities for over 10 years. Having explored other forms of bodywork already, she found a real connection and faith upon discovering Thai Yoga Massage and hasn’t looked back since. This work transformed her through its elements of creativity and playfulness, rooted in a spiritual practice that supports the healing of others as well as ourselves.
Originally from Canada, Erica is now living in Portugal running her own business, offering workshops around Europe and continuosly studying the beautiful art of Thai Yoga Massage & Yoga.
Her passion is to share her knowledge with the world in the hopes to bring more peace and balance into peoples lifes, infusing their hearts with love and helping them bring it into their homes.


1.28/06/201917:30 - 20:00Eichzun 4, 3800 Unterseennot specified
2.29/06/201909:30 - 17:00Eichzun 4, 3800 Unterseennot specified
3.30/06/201909:30 - 17:00Eichzun 4, 3800 Unterseennot specified


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