Personal Transformation Workshop - In Pursuit of Happiness

Starts on Saturday, 29/05/2021
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We are offering a series of workshops based on the wisdom teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras. The workshops are designed to inspire you and create profound transformations in the ways you deal with yourself and the world around you. What can you expect from each workshop? - a lively discussion with plenty of time for all your questions - time for introspection, as well as exchange in groups - a guided meditation - a set of recommended practices and tools for successfully integrating the newly acquired knowledge in your daily life - access to a Facebook page with the ongoing discussion of all the modules and the opportunity to ask any future questions Each one of the five sessions can be attended separately as a unit on its own. However, it is our recommendation to go with us through all the units by starting with the Atma Module and then moving from one topic to another according to your interest. All the modules will be offered periodically. All the workshops are interactive and with a limited number of participants. Please bring a notebook and a pen. Whom are these workshops for? - anyone interested in living a life of fulfillment and purpose - anyone interested in yoga and vedic philosophy - yoga teachers and students, both already practicing and the ones yet to be

The wisdom literature is to be lived and experienced daily! Join us on the journey of self-discovery!

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Gast Lehrer


1.29/05/202113:30 - 16:30Hottingerstrasse 35, 8032 ZürichGast Lehrer
2.05/06/202113:30 - 16:30Hottingerstrasse 35, 8032 ZürichGast Lehrer
3.12/06/202113:30 - 16:30Hottingerstrasse 35, 8032 ZürichGast Lehrer
4.19/06/202113:30 - 16:30Hottingerstrasse 35, 8032 ZürichGast Lehrer
5.17/07/202113:30 - 16:30Hottingerstrasse 35, 8032 ZürichGast Lehrer

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