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    About us

    Welcome to our Yoga studio in the heart of Zug. We're Switzerland's first Yoga Sport facility offering classes from various Yoga traditions, such as Ghosh, Bikram, Sivananda, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Yin and many more. A healthy mix of different styles and intensities to make the benefits of Yoga available to everyone, regardless of age, gender or current flexibility or physique.

    We see every practice as a new beginning and journey to your true self. That’s why our classes transform and empower you every time you let us join you on your path. 

    We embrace change and imperfection. We are Yoga Sports and our Yoga is for every body, with classes that perfectly complement each other to meet your specific goals and needs. Powerful yoga sessions to workout, get you in shape, and improve your flexibility, endurance, and stamina. Gentle classes to restore and enhance your recovery from activities such as running, weightlifting, cycling, climbing, etc. with soothing and deeply realigning stretches as well as meditative classes to take a breather from life’s stresses, transform your mindset and reconnect to your true power and strength.

    Our method? In Yoga Sports we primarily focus on Āsana, the physical postures from various yoga traditions and 3rd limb of Yoga as well as Prānāyāma, the 4th limb and mindful, meditative (re)connection of body and mind through breathing techniques. They both free, calm and prepare your body and mind for the higher limbs of Yoga. 

    A regular practise leads to a more conscious, self-loving & fulfilled life. 

    We're looking forward to welcoming you!











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    Baarerstrasse 20 , 6300 Zug




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    3 months ago

    Good schedule and yoga teaching. Excellent setup with towels, toiletries, etc!

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    3 months ago

    Fantastic place to relax and restore in the heart of Zug. Very conveniently located (in Metalli, next to Starbucks). Lovely atmosphere, well prepared and knowledgeable instructors. Wholeheartedly recommended (no sad faces;)).

    User headshot


    3 months ago

    Amazing 🙌🏼

    User headshot


    3 months ago

    Wonderfull studio to practice & aswell to teach!

    Further helpful information

    About the Team

    Our team combines qualified and passionate Yoga teachers from home and abroad. Together they passionately impart their wide-ranging knowledge of movement, breath work and relaxation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    At Zug Yoga Sports we provide you with the following for your class: · Yoga-towels · Shower towels · Care products in the changing rooms We do have some yoga mats for you to use, but please bring your own if you have one. You're welcome to leave your mat at the studio!
    Because we're the welcoming studio for everyone who thinks they're either not flexible or fit enough for yoga.
    Please avoid heavy food during the 2 hours before class starts. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day so you're well hydrated for your practise. Please be at the studio in time for your first class. Our front desk is open 15 minutes before class starts. HOW TO FIND US: We're in Metalli on the 1st floor, above Beldona. Use the entrance at Baarerstrasse 22, between McOptic and Ying's Thai Kitchen, head up the stairs on the right and turn right again on the 1st floor and you'll see our studio's entrance.
    Please cancel your booking online via the Eversports App, up until 3 hours before class starts. We do not have any penalties for late cancellations but ask you to be mindful of your fellow yoga students, especially when things are a bit busier at the studio and you can't make it to class anymore. If the online cancellation via the Eversports App is not possible anymore please send us an email at info@zugyogasports.ch and we're happy to sign you out from the respective class.
    Yoga is 99% practise and 1% theory slash marketing. So don't overthink it and just give it a try! Our welcoming community is looking forward to meeting you.

    Available sports types and activities

    • Yoga

    • HIIT

    • Bikram yoga

    • Hatha yoga

    • Yin yoga

    • Ashtanga yoga

    • Hot yoga

    • Power yoga

    • Inferno Hot Pilates

    • Slow and Gentle Yoga

    • Sound Healing

    • Workout

    • Yogatherapie

    • Yoga Flow

    • Vinyasa Flow

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